French Beauty's Butt Secret!


Jessyca Wilson

12. 10, 2012
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French Beauty's Butt Secret!

We start off the week with Jessyca Wilson, that raven-tressed French newcomer with the hot body and bright red-lipsticked smile. This is her second appearance on since October! With her 36A-26-36 body frosted in a red lace bra and thong set, plus beautifully designed red and black heels, Jessyca poses for us outdoors on an elegantly carved gold chair. Squeezing her boobs together with her upper arms, she teases with her cleavage while tugging her thong up into her slit. When she finally pulls aside the fabric, we not only see her pinkness, but notice a little gleam lower down at her asshole. What could that be? When she moves around to show us her secret, it turns out to be a silver metal butt-plug with a jewel-like top! But she doesn’t hurry to remove it, instead tantalizing us with her thong first, sliding it down her ripe round derriere. She lets our eyes linger on her delectable curves, too, jutting her butt in our direction and showing the plug firmly held between the dark brown tightness of her ass crack. Only then does she climb on her knees on the cushion of the chair, slide out the shiny plug, and give it a sniff. Then she puts it back into her tush so that it will glitter at us while she shows her bare tits and tempts us with her lovely cunny.

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Jessyca Wilson - She'll Keep Those Loads Coming!
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